terblackside2Terri Runnels is a versatile and established on-air host, entertainer, philanthropist, popular advice columnist, write and… her favorite role, being a mother to her daughter! She has 18 years of on camera experience and has been seen in front of millions of prime-time viewers in both live television and live pay-per-views.

She is best known as one of professional wrestling’s original divas, formerly of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Terri was seen entertaining millions of dedicated viewers and on high-rated programs and networks such as NBC, TNN, UPN and Spike TV. Terri has been featured on World Wrestling Entertainment DVD and pay-per-view specials. Terri’s on-camera experience also includes her co-hosting WWE’s EXCESS for several years.

Terri has also been featured on mainstream popular television shows such as terri pinkCelebrity Weakest Link, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Entertainment Tonight, and Inside Edition.

Visit our nation’s troops is near and dear to Terri’s heart. She is always open to visiting any US Military base. She has been on USO tours to Kuwait (Camp Doha, Camp Udairi, Afghanistan, Qatar, Camp Virginia, Camp Penn, Al Jabar Air Force Base), also has made visits to Ft. Hood and Ft. Carson.

Terri has a deep dedication and commitment to working with philanthropic causes through-out the world, including non-profits such as the Make A Wish Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club of America, Children’s Miracle Network, Hermie & Elliott Sadler Foundation, Autism Speaks and Fit Kids Marathon.

Terri has served as a corporate spokesperson for numerous clients across the country, and has participated in countless celebrity “meet-and-greets” and other highly successful appearances. Terri is not only known for her natural beauty and physical fitness, but also for her engaging personality, quick with and sense of humor, grace and charm.

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