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How to Play Gambling Then and Now

Gambling is a game that is quite old, from time immemorial there was such a thing as gambling. Even in Indonesia alone gambling or betting has existed since Indonesia was still in the kingdom era until now. And gambling itself is older than that. Where in ancient times, the power of the king of Egypt alone had a bet.

So this game is the oldest game ever, and even now the game still exists. On this occasion, we will discuss gambling itself and how to play it in the past and present. We will also explain the differences between the two.

The Concept of Gambling From the Past to the Present

Gambling itself has experienced many changes here and there, and now gambling has become quite different. However, there is one thing that is still the same in both ancient gambling and gambling today. Which is the basic concept. Gambling games can change continuously or more and more types of games. It could be that the system or way of playing gambling can change for the better and develop every day often with time. However, the basic concept and essence of gambling itself from what we have seen have not changed until this moment.

The Concept of Gambling Itself is Only One

That is risking something in a game that can be anything. When you win. The collected bet money can be acquired. Which means a large profit for the winner. Because the winnings or money collected are many times the bet money placed on gambling. Meanwhile, when you get a loss. Then the money bet that has been placed can no longer be taken due to the winner. Although small, but it is a loss because it has spent money and did not get anything when losing. And this is a basic concept in a betting game which until now is still the same and has not changed.

It’s just that in this day and age there are a lot of things that have changed. Starting from what is at stake now is just money. In the old days, the stakes could vary greatly, not just money. It could be valuables or crops that could be money. Especially in ancient times, there was still slavery which certainly made people owned by others for being slaves. And do not rule out the possibility of betting that is risking the slave and there are even those who are risking a child. However, in this day and age, this is no longer the case, and most are only risking money even in any form.

The Example

For example today there are those who use chips as a bet. But these chips purchased using money. So this chip is considered as a currency only in that game and can later be exchanged back into money. And the value of this chip is the same as money. So it’s still a gambling game today, risking only money. Then there are also those who place bets in the form of checks. Which can also be cashed which means the same as money. Then there is money that is not physical because it is in a bank account. But still, the name is risking money. And only online gambling systems that use money in bank accounts.

How to Play Ancient Gambling

For how to play gambling in the old days it was arguably a little complicated and requires a pretty hard effort. In the past, people gambled usually between acquaintances. Where if there was a thing that could be a bet then there would be gambling there.

Where each person will say what will be risked for a bet. That is running only between the two people. Or it could be by joining big bets such as the big bookies who in the Roman era were betting on gladiators. If you join a big bet like this. It can only be done if there is a city that organizes these bets so that they can run well. And after an increasingly advanced period. Gambling can already better coordinated with the casino. If people want to play gambling then the place to look for is the casino, because there can be free gambling to their heart’s content.

Besides the services provided at the casino can make players comfortable, that’s why many people choose the casino. But in Indonesia, there has never been a casino because there is a very strict ban on everything gambling. But still can play gambling but through the hidden cities and of course, playing it there is no calm. Because there was fear until he was caught gambling red-handed.

How to Play Gambling Today

Now after the times continue to develop and technology has reached the peak of its development progress, then comes the online system. Where gambling itself is growing very rapidly. Because it presented using an online system with internet technology. Which access or road to play it becomes very easy because from a distance you can gamble.

So people do not need to go anywhere just to play gambling. Because from home even the room can play it. This is a great convenience for people who want to play gambling in the present. And with this online way. It proves.  That gambling players are getting more and more here. The game is developing.

But there are some requirements. If you want to play bets using online methods today. First. The player needs to connect to an internet connection. Besides that, they must also log in and register with a gambling site on the internet. Then the player also needs a bank account, because each transaction will require the bank account. The traditional methods are still often used. Because the online way has a very big risk. But today there are many choices for ways to use.