Photo Shoots

The Picnic Went Ham

As Terri and I were brainstorming and photographing around the century old Florida farmhouse, I thought this would be a prime opportunity to utilize the old fashioned claw foot bath tub. This, however, wouldn’t be your typical water splashing, bubbles cascading over a bikini-clad body picture.  My vision was with Terri completely dressed with shades on. It was perfect.  The lighting and the mood captures the essence of Terri’s spunky personality.

The tractor photos were just amazing! The afternoon was getting hot and the sky was a beautiful blue.  The colors just popped and we were dancing as photographer and subject. Terri’s bicep muscles were on display and they came to the show! A beautiful shoot with a beautiful model.

This Floridian Mulberry tree has been sharing its fruit for many, many years. I loved hearing the excitement in Terri’s voice as she picked the fruit. I had envisioned an “Eve” theme; however, the sheer happiness brought a glow from within Terri and I decided the let the country girl be exactly that.  The photographs flowed perfectly. – Roy Rice

Chiff-on The Beach

The chiffon shoot was lightning in a bottle. The mood and the light were perfect. We hit the beach around “the golden hour” for photography, which provided perfect lighting. Both of us were excited to to be on the beach. The St. Augustine air was blowing as the shutters were capturing Terri and the beautiful scenery around us! I loved this shoot. I love the beach; all the elements fell into place. – Roy Rice Photography

LBD - Feelin Like The 70's

I wanted this set of photos to have a definite 70’s feel! (I LOVE the fashion/style of the 70’s!) My photographer, Roy Rice, definitely got into the whole vibe and everyone on set was feeling GROOVY by the end of it! There are many more sets of photos to come (LBD-Feelin Like The 70’s is only the beginning!) and when we get to some of these…I can tell you that you are going to be blown away as Roy was initially WAY out of his comfort zone…but he took my concept, he threw out the rule book and it resulted in some incredible photographs! We had a blast and it was SO much more fun because Dakota Avery was shooting video for a project TBA and it was just great having 3 people laughing nonstop! (Until we stopped…and immediately fell asleep! You know that feeling, when you are going nonstop, at full blast, everyone is loud and moving at top speed and focused on getting all of the sets completed and then one person stops for like 2 minutes to sit down…That’s it…BOOM…out for the count, ASLEEP! 🙂 #AwesomePics #AwesomeVideos



Family and Friends

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