Terri is dedicated to supporting various philanthropic causes and has worked with various non-profit corporations over the years!

World Wrestling Federation’s Terri Runnels, gives a kiss to 5 year old Austin Craven of Springfield, Missouri, while touring St. Louis, Missouri’s Children’s Hospital, April 28, 2000. Runnels was in St. Louis to promote the promotion’s June 12th 2000 “RAW Is War” (Photo by Bill Greeblatt/Newsmakers)

This matters to me for many reasons, one of which is that it directly affected my Personal Assistant Martin Duggan! Most of you know Martin, but not sure you know his story. Martin’s life was saved by a gracious donor! Not a day goes by that he is not grateful for and appreciative of the sacrifice of his donor and their family. You can be a living donor or you can share them whilst you are making your way to Heaven! ? You don’t need your organs once your gone folks…but you can certainly make a difference for many others whose lives can be saved. I am an organ donor…ARE YOU? Terri Runnels

Terri’s true beauty comes from within, and I have been fortunate to have that positive light shine upon both me and my young son. She puts forth 100% with all she does and that means those in her midst benefit 110% from her efforts. Always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, she does so with patience, poise, confidence and with a smile on her face. Terri’s work ethic is unmatched by most and her integrity is apparent in the decisions she makes and the projects for which she is involved. Terri would be an asset to any organization or project and she would contribute immensely to the success and vitality of such. It is an honor and privilege to know Terri Runnels.

Julie Douglas

Taylor Fit for Kids and Fit Kids Marathon

Charities Terri is involved with…

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