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The Origin Domino and Type of Domino Card Games

Besides playing cards, dominoes are also a card game that is very popular in many circles of society. Both young people and adults. This card consists of 28 small rectangular cards with red dots with various numbers. Domino card can be used in several types of games both for mere entertainment or gambling games both conventional and online.

Domino game originated from China which is estimated to appear in 1120 AD. This game was made by a servant named Keung Tai Kung to be presented to the emperor at that time, namely Emperor Hui Tsung.

Then the emperor Kao Tsung who is the successor of the emperor Hui Tsung. Spread domino games to several parts of the world in 1127 AD to 1163M. Chinese traders and merchants participated in spreading the game to Europe. So dominoes were widely played on this continent around the beginning of the 18th century in the regions of Naples and Venice.

domino card

Domino Games is a Card Game of the Nobles

The word domino is derived from the Latin word dominus which means host. So this domino is indeed developing rapidly in Europe and widely distributed on this continent. It is proven that the name domino is derived from Latin, and not Chinese. It is likely that dominos originating from China have evolved in Europe as happened on playing cards.

Domino was originally the most favored game by the nobles. Now this game has become one of the most popular games. Especially in the era of the internet and computerized technology like today. Basically the game is played in groups and seems to have become a tradition in Indonesia. If dominoes are always fun friends when watching night or certain events.

In the digital era, domino cards are now increasingly. Easy to play without thinking about where we want to play and don’t have to hang out with friends to be able to play. Only with a smartphone capital, we can all access this game, as for several types of online domino cards that we can play are:

Variants Game That Can Be Played Using Dominoes

Domino QQ. In online card gambling games, Domino QQ or better known as Domino QQ or Domino 99. It is one type of domino game that is quite popular with many people. This type of Domino is a traditional type of card game that is fun to play. Wow along with the presence of various entertainment on the internet you can play Domino QQ online. Besides relying on luck in this game, you also need to understand in advance the basics and strategies in this Domino QQ Online game.

The Domino QQ game consists of 28 cards, each of which has a different value. Domino can be played by 2 to 6 people in each round. Each player is dealt four cards, then this card must be combined into 2 pairs of values. Later, the player with the highest combined value will come out the winner. Then the value of this card is seen from the sum of 2 cards by taking only the back number. At the beginning of the game each player gets 3 cards and starts betting with each other.

Domino Gaple. This game is one of the easiest game options in the online domino game. You will find 28 cards and can be played by 4 people only. Then each player will be given 7 dominoes. Someone is considered to be a winner in this online domino gaple race if he has a count of the smallest value of the card covered.

Domino Games That Are Popular in Indonesia

Domino Ceme. Ceme is a domino game that is quite popular among the people of Indonesia because of its unique game system. This domino ceme gambling game can be followed by 2 to 8 people. The uniqueness of the game domino ceme is that the city can participate in placing bets. And there is also a traveling city. The existence of a dealer in this one domino game is very important in running a gambling game. So the players will be given 2 cards, if the calculation between the value of the numbers on the dealer card and the player card is greater then the dealer is entitled to get paid from bets.

Initial capital, fill your member account on online gambling sites with an initial capital. If you have a lot of initial capital will make other fishermen become afraid along with the bluster that we do. But this opportunity can also make us lose. This is because if our opponents have a better card value than ourselves.

Domino Card Opportunities, calculate the chance of a card appearing on the table of the city, the biggest chance of appearing is 4 cards with a total of 6. For the chance of appearing the smallest cards are the cards whose numbers are 1, 3, and 9 where each of them has 2 cards. Whereas for other cards, the appearance can be categorized as average.

Card Order, how nice you can understand and memorize the order of dominoes online. This is not an easy matter to know. however, understanding a little of the card order types, such as the six god cards, the balak / twin cards, pure large and small cards will facilitate the game.

Guide to Playing Domino QQ Games From Indonesia

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In this guide we will explain to you the basics of how to play domino qq on gudangqq. The explanation below is an explanation of how to calculate cards and things that need to be known in a Qiu Qiu game.

In the Qiu Qiu game there are 28 dominoes that will be used in the game. The maximum number of players is 6 people and each player will get 4 cards each. Each domino has 2 parts, the top and the bottom separated by a line.

Each card has a different nominal depending on the number of rounds owned by the card. The following is the easiest way to group these dominoes so that it’s easier to remember.

Counting the Number of Cards in How to Play Domino Qiu Qiu

card dominos

The following will explain how to count the number of cards in the Domino Qiu Qiu game. The number of dots on the domino card indicates the value owned by the card, for example a domino with a number of spheres of 5 on both parts, then the value of the card is worth. More details can be seen in the image below.

If the number of circles exceeds 9, the first digit will be omitted. This is because in this game the highest number is 9.

* 6 + 6 = 12 then the number 1 in front of the number 12 will be removed so that the value becomes 2 only

12 + 12 = 24 then the number 2 in front of the number 24 will be eliminated so that the value becomes 4 only.

In the DominoQQ game, players will get 4 dominoes distributed by the dealer. The card can be divided into 2 sides, namely the left side and the right side. To add cards, start from the card on the left first, then the number of cards on the right. Look at the picture below for an example:

In this domino qiu qiu game, the nominal amount of cards will be displayed automatically on your monitor screen so you don’t need to count them anymore.

How to determine the winner of Domino Qiu Qiu

Supreme Balak. In how to play this domino qiu qiu the winner will be determined through the value of the chain of cards owned. Look at the picture below.

Highest Round Number. The second stipulation is that the number of spheres held in 1 section is the highest. Look at the picture below.

Chain of Cards possession. A player with a CoC card in hand will be deemed to have an advantage over a player who does not have a CoC card in hand. Look at the picture below.

In the online domino qiu qiu there are several cards that are considered Special, this card is a rare card if you get it then the light icon will light up and here are some of these special cards:

Pure Big Card

pure big card

Level 4 cards in the special card category. If the number of dots on the card in your hand is 39-43 then you get a large pure card. This arrangement of cards is special because it cannot be owned by anyone other than you. So it is certain that you will win the game immediately in that round unless other players have a six-god card or a small pure card

Pure Small Card

pure small card

Level 3 cards in the special card category. if the number of rounded cards you have is 6-9 then your card is a purely small card. this card is quite special because the pure small is higher than the pure big card. It is certain if you will win the game. However, you are considered to lose if your opponent has a log or a six god card.

Balak / Twin Cards

Level 2 cards in the special card category. If all 4 cards in your hand are all Balak then your card is included in the Balak Card and it is certain that you will win the game in that round unless there are other players who have a six god card.

Six Gods Card

Leve 1 card and is the highest card in the special card category. If 4 cards in your hand each have a value of 6 then your card is included in the Six Gods card and will certainly win the game in that round.

Domino Qiu Qiu Jackpot Prize

The discussion on how to play domino qiu qiu this time will also discuss Jackpot prizes that will be obtained if you get the special card above. To enter the Jackpot prize, you must first buy the jackpot. There are 3 types of Jackpot options that you can buy, namely: Rp. 100,000, Rp. 500 and Rp. 1,000,