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Guide to How to Play Roulette Online

In fact, in a game Roulette itself is one of the games that are familiar. To the ears of online gambling or online casino players. Roulette itself is a game that is not so difficult to play and also to learn. Where in this game it is usually only played using tools. And later the player has to wait for the ball to stop at what number. In fact, in the online roulette game itself, it is not too difficult to be able to play and learn. Where in this game you will only have to be able to guess. Where the ball will stop on a rotating disc. And there is also a table in this game that has various types of bets. That is quite interesting that can be played by players.

Here Are Some Types of Roulette Bets

For those of you who are a beginner in this Roulette game. Of course, you want to know how to play and also how to win the game at this Roulette bet. In this article, we will discuss how to properly play online Roulette that you must know.

Straight Up

The first type of bet in the game of Roulette itself is a type of bet that really requires luck. Because you can guess that only 1 number will come out in this type of bet. For example in this type of Roulette bet. If later you want to guess the number 7 in this game. Then you only have to place a bet on number 7 only. And usually in this type of bet the amount of payment. That you will get if you manage to win is 36: 1. Generally, this type of bet is the most widely used. In the popular type of Roulette bet. Because this type of bet is much easier for players to win.

Split Up

This is a type of bet in the second Roulette game where you have to guess the possible 2 numbers. That will come out of this game. For example, if you bet on numbers 8 and also 9. Then you only have to place a bet on those two numbers. The winning payout in this bet is 17: 1. This bet is also commonly used by Roulette players. But for those of you who are just trying this game. It is recommended not to use this bet at the beginning of the game.


For this type of bet in the Roulette game. In this bet you are required to be able to choose an impressive 3. For example, the number 8,9,10 and in this Roulette game bet the winner. Will usually win the winning payout which will be received is 11: 1 on this type of bet.

Corner Bet

It is a type of game in Roulette betting where players in this bet type must predict 4 numbers. That are close together such as 18,19,20,21 and also the amount of payment that will be received. By the player in winning on this bet, which is 8: 1.

Line Bet

Line Bet itself is a type of bet where players must guess 6 numbers vertically in this Roulette game. 6 numbers that must be guessed by players such as 7,8,9,10,11,12 and later in this bet. The amount of payment that will be received by the player is 5: 1.

Dozen Bet

In the Roulette game itself, there are also columns 1st to 12 and 3rd and also 12. Where in each column there is usually the number 12 if the player manages to guess the number correctly. The amount of payment that the player will usually receive is 2: 1.

Column Bet

In a game on the Roulette table itself. There is a column that is written with the number 2 or 1. Each of which has 12 numbers, if the number of winnings. That is usually received in this type of Roulette bet is 2: 1

Odds/Even (Odds/Even)

For this type of bet, the player only has to guess the spinning ball. Whether it will stop at an odd number. Or what is commonly called odds or stops at an even number which is called even? In this type of Roulette bet, the winnings that players will receive are 1: 1. As an example in this one odd bet is 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,22,27,29,31,33 up to number 37. And for even numbers in bets of this type include: 2. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 as well as 36.


In this type of Roulette bet, players are required to be able to guess whether the ball will stop. At small numbers where small numbers (1 to 18) or large numbers (19 to 37). The winning payment on this bet. this type is for players of 1: 1. This type of bet is also one of the types of bets. That players usually use when playing Roulette offline or online.

Red/Black (Color Bet)

One of the popular types of betting in this game where the player only chooses to bet on. Which color the small ball will stop at. When played in the red/black type. This type of bet is generally an easy bet and is often played by Roulette players. In this type of bet, which player only needs to place a bet on the red or black column. The payout that will be received if the player wins this bet is 1: 1 on this Color Bet bet.


In this type of bet where the player must be able to guess 5 different numbers. And if the rotating ball stops right at one of the numbers that have been placed by the player. The amount of payment that will be received by the player in this winning bet is 1: 1

Those are some types of bets and how to play Roulette gambling that you can try to play. The game of Roulette itself is a gambling game that is easy to play even for beginners. Because the method of this game is quite easy and simple. You only have to understand what bet you will place. Besides that, in this game, you also need to know the rules so that later you can play Roulette right. Bonuses in Roulette games generally also vary and are one of the casino gambling games. Which are also quite profitable because there are lots of bonuses and prizes in this game. You can now play this game online, of course, with various bonuses and prizes. Good luck!


Safe Online Gambling: Helpful Guidelines for Choosing a Safe Online Casino

Online gambling is one of the most popular types of entertainment today. Online casinos have several advantages over land-based casinos.

First of all, gamblers can play various casino games in online mode without having to leave. The house and take a trip to the rock and mortar casino.

Secondly, internet casinos give players the opportunity to bet for free which is a great way to practice. And master skills before playing for real money.

Third, online players have enough time to think carefully. About every bet they make or every move they make without pressure. It is impossible to act like that in a land casino as there are always plenty. Of players at the gaming table waiting for you to make your choice quickly. Some people feel very uncomfortable finding themselves in such situations. Which is why they prefer to play online so as not to make hasty decisions.

Best and Safest Online Gambling

Despite all its advantages, no online casino will ever replace the excitement of real communication. And the special adrenaline that players can get at land casinos, traditional and oldest gambling institutions.

To get the best and safest online gambling experience, players must pay attention to the casino they are playing at. Here are the most helpful guides for choosing a safe online casino:

1. Check if the casino has a valid license

Any reputable online casino must be licensed by a reliable licensing jurisdiction to prove its safety. Licensing jurisdictions, gaming authorities and commissions are powerful institutions that check how online casinos. Conduct their business and control them even after issuing a license.

2. Check casino certifications

A trusted casino must have a certificate issued by a worldwide recognized organization such as eCOGRA or GamCare. These independent organizations carry out audits of the quality and legitimacy of their licenses.

3. Check what security measures the casino takes

Safety is an important factor for safe online gambling. Players sometimes feel insecure when sending money over the internet to an online casino so it is important to know. That all necessary precautions are taken to provide gamblers. With the best possible service and protect their money from being hacked. Reliable online casinos take advantage of the latest encryption technology. And security systems to store players’ personal information as well as money.

4. Check the reputation of the casino

It is common knowledge that reputation means a lot in business. It’s like a signature. Players are advised to gather as much information. As possible about the online casino they are willing to play in to get a complete picture. Even if an online casino has all the necessary casino licenses, certifications. And security, the reputation may not be perfect, so it’s better to know before signing up. There are many gambling forums that allow players to share their gaming experiences and provide practical advice when playing online.

Virtual Casino sites

If you are interested in playing poker, you may want to consider playing online at a virtual poker site. There are various sites available and they offer a variety of options for different people. No matter what type of poker you are interested in. There are virtual poker sites that will fulfill your needs and desires.

One type of virtual slot site is a free site. There are sites that let you play for free. This can be of great help to you if you are new to playing poker. Free play allows you to develop your poker skills. Before you try virtual poker sites that ask you to play for money. It’s also great for more advanced players. Who just want an easy game where they don’t have to worry about money.

Another Type

Another type of virtual poker site is a site where you pay to play. These sites often offer great deals when you join and you may even get some of the initial cashback. Playing for money can be a lot of fun, especially if you win. Make sure, if you decide to play at a virtual poker site that requires you to pay. That the site is secure so your information will be safe.

These are just the two types of poker sites that are available for you to play online. Both have great benefits depending on what you are looking for. Once you are involved in a virtual poker site. Whether it is free or paid, you will be able to enjoy for hours
poker great fun.

Get Rich with Real Money at Online Slot Casinos

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List of the Best Online Gambling Rankings

Online casino agent games are now rampant in Indonesia and around the world. In the current era of globalization. Everyone can easily play the online gambling game they want and get a lot of money from it. Of course, you can do that too. Playing online betting games will increase the wealth you get. Even if you are able to do it well. Then you will be able to get a really big income from this online gambling game. There are so many popular online gambling games today. The following is the first to the final ranking of the most popular games on online gambling agent services.

The first rank is obtained by the casino betting game. This is a choice of online casino agent games that you will be able to get easier later. Coupled with this one game, you will really be able to enjoy the income you want easily. This casino betting game also offers a large selection of betting games for all competitions. Thus, the benefits you get will also be enormous. You will actually be able to get multiplied wealth right now.

Online Casino Agent Presents Complete Game

Online casino agent services are also the best choice that you can use. Casino gambling games are available with a selection of 338a games, baccarat, slot games, roulette, and others. In other words, you will be able to get a really big income from this one game. Online casino betting games will give you many other additional prizes. Which will also instantly enrich yourself with a large income. The reason is that there is also a surprising jackpot prize with a prize value of 100 million rupiahs. And even up to 500 million rupiahs.

You will also be able to play online casino agent games from the selection of casino games available. The agile betting game will present you with an interesting selection of games. A casino game is a game that tests your dexterity. The game that is ranked as the third-best in the world is also played by many people in Asia. With an easy way of playing and also a large prize, you can reap abundant wealth from this one game.

Get Rich? Not a Dream Anymore with Trusted Online Gambling Sites

Now being rich and earning big is no longer a dream on a trusted online gambling site. You can make it real by playing on this one service right now. Take advantage of the potential of getting rich by playing at this betting agency service right now. Make yourself number one in this one service. So you will really be able to find satisfaction while playing in this interesting game.

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How to Get Rich at an Online Gambling Agent

How to get rich at an online gambling agent is not as complicated as you think, right? Now is the time to get it all. You can make yourself rich in the right and best way. Until now, there have also been many people who have made it rich by playing with the betting agency service.

This is what makes the chosen gambling agent service the right medium to get rich in the very right way. You too can get all of these benefits in ways you never imagined before. This is what makes this service chosen as the best. Which is widely used by all bettors around the world.

Make the Best of Features

Take advantage of all the features available in online gambling agents. In order to make you rich without needing more time! Get many benefits from betting agency services. Then, see all these advantages you will be able to get it easier later. If you want to get rich quick, then hurry up. Prepare yourself to get a large income that you never thought before. The essence of playing betting games itself is getting a lot of income easily.

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Bonuses from Trusted Online Gambling Bookies

Online gambling bookies guarantee lots of great prizes that are really needed by the members of them. In this way, online gambling agent members will be able to achieve many large prizes easily and quickly. In this online gambling agent game, you will be free to get lots of big profits easily. This online gambling agent service will give you all the big prizes you need from now on.

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Online Gambling Bookies Make Their Members Richer

This online gambling agent service will also provide you with huge and fantastic bonuses. So take advantage of this online gambling agent game. So that you are free to get lots of money easily and quickly. In the online gambling agent game, the member is able to win big bribes online gambling easily and very quickly.

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Millions of Rupiah Online Gambling Agents Where They Make Money

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Online Gambling Agents Provide Special Satisfaction

In online gambling agent games, many online gambling agent members are able to get the best price. Where all members of the online gambling agent get lots of great prizes in it very easily. In joining the online bookies game. Lots of fantastic prizes are there for the members.

This online gambling agent game will also give you all the big prizes easily and quickly. With a variety of great prizes from existing online gambling agents. In online gambling agent games, there are many great benefits of online gambling agents that you will find in it. With a variety of great prizes for online gambling agents in the game. Then a lot of money you can find.

Win Roulette Casino on Online Gambling Sites

Online gambling is increasingly innovating, this is evidenced by the many types of games that are presented. Lately, the online roulette game is being talked about by the bettors of the country. How not, if you can play with special tricks bettor can win a very lucrative victory.

No wonder all bettors have the desire to win in large numbers. But some of them are not aware of this one game does not just rely on luck alone. More than that skills are also needed to be able to achieve maximum victory. For that, we present various tricks to win roulette in trusted online gambling.

Play Roulette Win continues on Online Gambling Site

1. Select the Number Bet Type

You could say this type of betting has a fairly complicated way of playing. This is because in the roulette gambling game there are only numbers 1 through 18 and numbers 19 to 36. For that luck has a very large role. But that does not mean you can not play using certain methods to win.

The trick, you can do 7 rounds.

If that doesn’t work, do it until the 8th round by selecting a number that has never appeared. If successful, it means that your fortune can reach twice the value of the bet. If it continues to lose, it’s good not to continue the game first. Then continue with a smaller value.

2. Use the Martingale Strategy

What is meant by martingale is the probability or probability theory. The theory provides the possibility of the same value for a certain period. Or the previous period using the principle of multiplication.

This method can be used for bettor with very large capital. Remember this type of game one has the same principles as an investment. So whoever is brave with strong capital then also has a big chance of winning. If you dare to use large capital, your chances of winning will also increase.

Here’s the easy analogy.

You put on an odd value of Rp 10,000 and then the results come out. And it turns out you lose because the numbers that come out are even numbers. Then in the second round. You make a bet again with a value even greater than 2X compared to the previous round of Rp. 20,000.00.

If you still lose the result you can double the bigger bet of Rp. 40,000.00. Continue to do this way until you win.

Keep watching and you will get the same result, which is to keep winning IDR 10,000 in each round. If you have won, you can re-bet as you started playing, which is IDR 10,000.

3. Select the 30 Number Game

To do this game on online gambling sites, please buy 30 numbers on 2 types of bets. You do this by buying a small number in the first bet, which is numbers 1 to 18 for Rp. 30,000.00.

Then for the next bet type, you can choose the 3rd 12 types. 25 to 36 with a bet value of Rp. 20,000.00.
But before you decide to use this step, you should not be in a hurry and always be careful. As a bettor, you must be able to provide an analysis of each round of the game. Remember the winning percentage from this method is 70%. So as a bettor you need to understand how to predict the ball and when the ball should stop.

4. Betting on the Roulette Circle

In this game, the number 0 is the middle number. So you place a bet on a number called the half-circle. A complete example is as follows:

  • Half circle to LEFT zero or column 2 & 4 as many as 18 numbers
  • Half circle to RIGHT zero or columns 1 & 3 totaling 18 numbers
  • Half circle to the TOP or columns 1 & 2 as many as 18 numbers
  • Half a circle to DOWN or columns 3 & 4 totaling 18 numbers

By using this method you have several advantages, namely. When you place a bet as much as 18 numbers x 1,000 the result is 18,000 then if you place 1,000 x 35,000 the result is 35,000 plus 1,000. Which is your bet money so that you have successfully made a profit of 35,000-17,000 = 18,000. How easy is not it?

5. Have a Winning Target

In doing this online gambling roulette as a bettor you must have a winning target. Simple language doesn’t play greedy. To be able to achieve the target of victory you can play in a group line.
You can do color bets or bet on the line, both of them have the same thing. If you successfully try both of these, especially in the first bet continue the game. And don’t forget to withdraw partial withdrawal.
If you experience to defeat you should try to play with the value of your previous winning numbers. This was done so that the first defeat could be closed.

But if good fortune does not immediately take sides. So that you continue to lose there are two things you can make choices. First, you can take a short break second, you can double the value of the bet even more.
As a bettor, you can try continuously to play. But keep in mind do not keep doubling the number of bets the article. You continuously have a high risk to lose a larger amount.

To this end, the discussion is related to strategies for winning when playing online roulette gambling. Use this trick so you can have a greater chance of winning. Have a nice play.


How to Play Gambling Then and Now

Gambling is a game that is quite old, from time immemorial there was such a thing as gambling. Even in Indonesia alone gambling or betting has existed since Indonesia was still in the kingdom era until now. And gambling itself is older than that. Where in ancient times, the power of the king of Egypt alone had a bet.

So this game is the oldest game ever, and even now the game still exists. On this occasion, we will discuss gambling itself and how to play it in the past and present. We will also explain the differences between the two.

The Concept of Gambling From the Past to the Present

Gambling itself has experienced many changes here and there, and now gambling has become quite different. However, there is one thing that is still the same in both ancient gambling and gambling today. Which is the basic concept. Gambling games can change continuously or more and more types of games. It could be that the system or way of playing gambling can change for the better and develop every day often with time. However, the basic concept and essence of gambling itself from what we have seen have not changed until this moment.

The Concept of Gambling Itself is Only One

That is risking something in a game that can be anything. When you win. The collected bet money can be acquired. Which means a large profit for the winner. Because the winnings or money collected are many times the bet money placed on gambling. Meanwhile, when you get a loss. Then the money bet that has been placed can no longer be taken due to the winner. Although small, but it is a loss because it has spent money and did not get anything when losing. And this is a basic concept in a betting game which until now is still the same and has not changed.

It’s just that in this day and age there are a lot of things that have changed. Starting from what is at stake now is just money. In the old days, the stakes could vary greatly, not just money. It could be valuables or crops that could be money. Especially in ancient times, there was still slavery which certainly made people owned by others for being slaves. And do not rule out the possibility of betting that is risking the slave and there are even those who are risking a child. However, in this day and age, this is no longer the case, and most are only risking money even in any form.

The Example

For example today there are those who use chips as a bet. But these chips purchased using money. So this chip is considered as a currency only in that game and can later be exchanged back into money. And the value of this chip is the same as money. So it’s still a gambling game today, risking only money. Then there are also those who place bets in the form of checks. Which can also be cashed which means the same as money. Then there is money that is not physical because it is in a bank account. But still, the name is risking money. And only online gambling systems that use money in bank accounts.

How to Play Ancient Gambling

For how to play gambling in the old days it was arguably a little complicated and requires a pretty hard effort. In the past, people gambled usually between acquaintances. Where if there was a thing that could be a bet then there would be gambling there.

Where each person will say what will be risked for a bet. That is running only between the two people. Or it could be by joining big bets such as the big bookies who in the Roman era were betting on gladiators. If you join a big bet like this. It can only be done if there is a city that organizes these bets so that they can run well. And after an increasingly advanced period. Gambling can already better coordinated with the casino. If people want to play gambling then the place to look for is the casino, because there can be free gambling to their heart’s content.

Besides the services provided at the casino can make players comfortable, that’s why many people choose the casino. But in Indonesia, there has never been a casino because there is a very strict ban on everything gambling. But still can play gambling but through the hidden cities and of course, playing it there is no calm. Because there was fear until he was caught gambling red-handed.

How to Play Gambling Today

Now after the times continue to develop and technology has reached the peak of its development progress, then comes the online system. Where gambling itself is growing very rapidly. Because it presented using an online system with internet technology. Which access or road to play it becomes very easy because from a distance you can gamble.

So people do not need to go anywhere just to play gambling. Because from home even the room can play it. This is a great convenience for people who want to play gambling in the present. And with this online way. It proves.  That gambling players are getting more and more here. The game is developing.

But there are some requirements. If you want to play bets using online methods today. First. The player needs to connect to an internet connection. Besides that, they must also log in and register with a gambling site on the internet. Then the player also needs a bank account, because each transaction will require the bank account. The traditional methods are still often used. Because the online way has a very big risk. But today there are many choices for ways to use.