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How to Play Online Togel Properly and Win Easly for Beginner

Know how to play a profitable online togel with a small capital, it turns out that it is very easy, in this discussion we will provide tips for winning that are effective and have been proven.

However, so that all the winning tips that we will provide here can be more effective. Then you have to know and understand how to play this togel properly and correctly first.

Togel is a type of number guessing game that has been around for a long time, were to be able to play it you have to be good at predicting the future output numbers correctly. Of course, that is something that is not easy to do right?

Even so, this does not make togel enthusiasts less, even, for now, we are very familiar with the land and online togel bookies where the difference is that in a land port you can play conventionally, whereas if the online system you can play through the online togel bookie site. Trusted.

Online Togel

Because in Indonesia everything that smells of gambling is strictly prohibited. This makes most bettors currently prefer to play this togel game online rather than through land bookies because it is considered safer and more practical.

To be able to play the togel online in https://www.1-dewatogel.com/ , the step you have to do is choose a trusted online togel gambling agent. In this case, we highly recommend bettors to try playing on the Rajalotre site.

On this site, you can play togel games through one of the best providers at this time, besides that, only with a fund of just Rp. 25,000, you can enjoy and play the excitement of this online togel game.

In this online togel Rajalotre provider, also has several well-known markets such as Toto Macau, Sydney, Brunei, Singapore, Norway, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Nepal

To get big profits from some markets above, we will begin to explain how to play the togel online properly and correctly. Especially for beginners who just want to try their luck from this number one guessing game.

As we discussed earlier, the way to play this togel is to guess the number of results that will come out on the market later besides that you also have to understand several types of bets in this online togel game.

The following types of bets in the online togel game include:

Edge Middle Togel

In the online togel game, there is a middle and also an edge, for the middle numbers range from 25 to 74 and the edge numbers are 0 to 24 and 75 to 99. The calculation is only seen from the back 2D numbers.

For how to play this bet, if the bettors place a bet on the middle number and the result is 4536.


  • You win because the middle number is 25–74 and the back 2D in the result is 36.
  • You lose if the back 2D figure exceeds 74 or less than 25.

Big Small Togel

For big numbers in this online togel game, it is 50–99 and for small numbers, it is 00–49, the bet is only seen from the back 2D numbers.

For example: If the bettor places a bet on large numbers and the result that comes out is 1981.

  • You are declared to win because there is a number 81 which is one of the big numbers in the togel game.
  • You lose if the score goes below 50.

Togel Odd-Even

Surely the bettors already know what odd and even numbers are, right? but to make it clearer we will just provide an example, namely:

  • Odd Numbers = 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.
  • Even numbers = 0, 2, 4, 6, 8.

In this odd-even bet, the player must guess the back number 2D whether it will be odd or even.

For example: If the bettor places a bet on number 53 and the market result is 7453

  • Winning is declared because there are odd 2D numbers.
  • Defeated if the back 2D number is even.

Shio Togel

Shio means 12 animal symbols from the Chinese calendar, wherein the online togel game each zodiac has its numbers.

For example: When placing a bet on number 49 (zodiac monkey) and the market result is 1249

  • Claimed to win because the back 2D number is 49 (zodiac monkey).
  • Declared to lose if the 2D result number is not 49 (zodiac monkey).

Flower Togel, Kempis and Twins

In the online togel game, it has 3 parts. Namely front, middle, and back, and what is meant by the flower is enlarging. Deflating means shrinking and twins mean having the same number.

Example: The player places a flower bet on the front and the result is 4863.

  • The player wins because the front number is 48, from 4 to 8 means growing.
  • The player loses if the front number is 73 because from 7 to 3 is shrinking or falling.

Combination Togel

The combination in this online togel game uses 3 structures such as:

  1. Big Small
  2. Odd-Even
  3. As, Kop, Head, and Tail

*For example :

If you place a bet on a small number on the head and even on the tail and the market result is 7436.

  • The player wins because the head of the result is 36 (minor) and the tail is 6 (even number).
  • The player loses if the result does not have a bet combination number.

That’s an explanation of how to play the togel online and the types of bets. Understand it well before starting to play, and now we will begin to enter into the long-awaited discussion, namely playing tips so that it is easy to win easily.